Solinco Protocol 285

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The Solinco Protocol Series Racquet line utilizes an innovative and high-performance material, Annoveylix Nickel-Mesh, which is at the core of these performance rackets.

The Solinco Protocol 285 tennis racquet is designed to deliver enhanced stability on impact thanks to the integrated Nickel-Mesh technology that improves the strength of the frame. Awesome maneuverability combined with generous access to spin makes for dynamic and lively play. Ideal for great performance from anywhere on the court.

  • NICKEL-MESH: The SOLINCO PRO Series utilize an innovative and high-performance material called Nickel-Mesh which is at the core of our new line of performance racquets.

  • SOLINCO is the first tennis equipment company worldwide to utilize this high-performance Nickel-Mesh material for superior racquet strength, stability, feel, control and power.
  • Nickel Mesh is individually nickel anodized high performance carbon fibers carefully woven together into a solid and powerful mesh.

    Head Size:100 Sq. Inches
    Length: 27 Inches
    Strung Weight: 303 grams  (Strung)
    Balance: 32.39cm / 12.75 Inches (HL)
    Swing Weight: 302
    Stiffness: 66
    Beam Width: 24-26-23mm Tapered Beam
    Composition: Graphite/Nckeli-Mesh
    Power Level: Low-Medium
    Swing Speed: Medium-Fast
    Grip Type: Solinco Synthetic
    String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
    String Tension: 45-55 pounds