Luxilon Element

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Element occupies a fairly unique space in Luxilon's iconic line of firm monofilament strings. The uniqueness is baked right into the string's core, which features several tendon friendly fibers wrapped inside a specially designed polymer matrix. The benefit of this construction, according to Luxilon, comes in the form of extra flexibility, comfort and power. Luxilon has not only succeeded in creating a livelier, more comfortable co-poly, but it also achieved this without compromising the exceptional control and spin-potential for which the brand is known. As with the majority of co-polys we've hit, Element definitely loses its fair share of tension and becomes erratic over time. It also doesn't have quite the durability of most heavy-duty polyesters, but this shouldn't be a problem for most players. Ultimately, for those who want a user-friendly control string with truly impressive feel and all-around responsiveness, Element is awfully hard to beat.